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Badger Company started in 1995. They specialize in organic lip balm, sunscreen, and medicinal balms. See 7804+ Badger Company Reviews and save an extra 10% on Badger Company with Coupon Code* YAG250 at

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Active Kids Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream

All Season Face Stick

Anti-Bug Balm

Anti-Bug Balm Citronella & Rosemary 2 oz (56 g)

Anti-Bug Balm Citronella & Rosemary .75 oz (21 g)

Anti-Bug Sunscreen

Organic Anti-Bug Shake & Spray

Antioxidant Body Oil Damascus Rose

Antioxidant Body Oil Unscented

Antioxidant Body Oil Vanilla Orchid

Antioxidant Face Oil

Badger Aromatic Chest Rub 56 g

Argan Botanical Hair Oil

Argan Face Cleansing Oil

Argan Face Oil

Aromatherapy Massage Oil Lavender with Bergamot & Balsam Fir

Aromatherapy Massage Oil Sweet Orange with Lemon & Spearmint

Baby Balm Chamomile & Calendula .75 oz

Baby Balm Chamomile & Calendula 2 oz

Baby Soap Chamomile & Calendula 4 oz

Baby Sunscreen Cream

Badger Balm For Hardworking Hands

Badger Balm For Sensitive Dry Skin

Badger Balm Ornament

Beard Oil Navigator Class

Beauty Balm Argan

Beauty Balm Damascus Rose

Beauty Balm Seabuckthorn

Beauty Balm Unscented

Botanical Body Soap Lemongrass & Ginger

Botanical Body Soap Maillette Lavender

Botanical Body Soap Unscented

Bracing After Shave Face Tonic

Calming Baby Oil

Cheerful Mind Balm

Cheerful Mind Balm Kit

Classic Lip & Body Balm Highland Mint

Classic Lip & Body Balm Tangerine Breeze

Badger Aromatic Chest Rub 21 g

Badger Classic Lip Balm Sticks

Classic Lip Balm Sticks Limited Edition

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Cool Mint

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Creamy Cocoa

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Lime Rocket

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Mocha Cocoa

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Poetic Pomegranate

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Sweet Orange

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Vanilla Bean

Damascus Rose Face Cleansing Oil

Deep Tissue Massage Oil

Diaper Cream

Every Day Body Moisturizer Nutmeg & Shea

Every Day Body Moisturizer Vanilla Coconut

Everyday Body Moisturizer Creamy Cocoa

Face & Body Soap Moroccan Mint

Face & Body Soap Rose Geranium

FOBadger Foot Balm 2 oz

Focus Balm Grapefruit & Ginger

Focus Balm Kit

Foot Balm Peppermint & Tea Tree .75 oz

Badger Headache Soother Peppermint & Lavender

Jojoba Herbal Hair Oil

Lip Tint & Shimmer Copper/Opal Shimmer

Lip Tint & Shimmer Garnet/Opal Shimmer

Lip Tint & Shimmer Red Jasper/Opal Shimmer

Lip Tint & Shimmer Rose Tourmaline / Opal Shimmer

Moisturizing After Shave Face Oil

Night-Night Balm

Night-Night Balm Lavender & Chamomile

Organic After Sun Balm

Organic Anti-Bug Shake & Spray

Organic Badger Sleep Balm Ornament

Organic Classic Lip Balm Sticks

Organic Cuticle Care

Organic Hair Pomade Navigator Class

Badger Company Organic Lip Balm Lavender & Orange

Badger Company Sleep Balm Lavender & Bergamot 2 oz

Organic After Sun Balm

Organic Badger Balm Sampler

Organic Lip Balm Ginger & Lemon

Organic Lip Balm Highland Mint

Organic Lip Balm Pink Grapefruit

Organic Lip Balm Tangerine Breeze

Organic Lip Balm Unscented

Organic Lip Balm Vanilla Madagascar

Organic Mustache Wax

Organic Pre-Shave Oil

Portable Aromatherapy

Seabuckthorn Antioxidant Hair Oil

Seabuckthorn Face Cleansing Oil

Seabuckthorn Face Oil For Normal/Dry Skin

Shave Soap Navigator Class

Sleep Balm Lavender & Bergamot

Sore Joint Rub Arnica Blend

Sore Muscle Rub Cayenne & Ginger .75 oz

Sore Muscle Rub Cayenne & Ginger 2 oz

Sore Muscle Rub Cooling Blend .75 oz

Sore Muscle Rub Cooling Blend 2 oz

Sore Muscle Rub Ornament

Sport Sunscreen Cream

Stress Soother

Sunscreen Lip Balm Stick

Tea Tree & Lemon Balm Herbal Lip Care

Tea Tree & Lemon Balm Herbal Lip Care with Cocoa Butter

Tinted Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream

Unscented Face Cleansing Oil

Unscented Face Oil

Yoga & Meditation Cedarwood & Mandarin

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Cream SPF 30

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