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Boiron Calendula Ointment, 1 oz (30 g) is a natural, pain relief Ointment. See 21+ Boiron Calendula Ointment Reviews and save an extra 10% on Boiron with Coupon Code* YAG250 at

Boiron Calendula Ointment 1 oz (30 g)
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Bottle Size: 1 oz (30 g)
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Boiron Calendula Ointment Uses

Heals chapped hands and lips, and nasal irritation from colds.
Helps promote healing of minor burns, scrapes and cuts.

Boiron Calendula Ointment Ingredients

Active Ingredients
Calendula officinalis 1X HPUS-4 %

Inactive Ingredients: White petrolatum USP

Suggested use: For minor cuts, scrapes and chapping, first cleanse the area with a mild soap, rinse and dry. For minor burns, immediately run cool water on the burn for several minutes and dry.
Then apply a thin layer of Calendula Ointment to affected area 3 times a day or as needed.

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