Madre Labs CafeCeps 943 Reviews & Coupon*

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Madre Labs CafeCeps Reviews
Reviews: 943+
MSRP: $14.65
Discount: $13.43 (8%)
Coupon: Below*
Subtotal: $8.43
All Orders: Extra 10% Off
Shipping: Free, Intl. $1.10+
Serving Size: 8 oz cup
Servings/Bag: 45
Cost/Cup: 45/13.43 = $0.29
Volume: 3.52 oz (100 gm)
Size: 1.7″ x 4.2″ x 4.2″
Weight: 0.30 lb (0.14 kg)

Morning Math:

   Organic Coffee Caffeine Energy
+ Reishi Mushroom Adrenal Energy
+ Cordyceps Mushroom Adrenal Energy
= Triple-Energy Coffee

• NO caffeine jitters, spikes, crashes, or side-effects because cordyceps and reishi support adrenals

• Work with better memory, immunity, and endurance via oxygen uptake from cordyceps and reishi

• Affordable at $0.26/8oz compared to Starbucks ($1.85/12 oz), and McDonalds ($1.06/any size)

Madre Labs Cafeceps Ingredients, Caffeine, and Calories

Cafeceps Ingredients: Organic instant coffee powder (coffea arabica/robusta), organic micronized cordyceps powder, organic micronized ganoderma-reishi powder. Calories: 5/serving. Cafeceps caffeine content is the same as other coffees. But the cordyceps and ganoderma-reishi mushrooms support your adrenals to soften caffeine side effects.

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