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SF722 is good. But Thorne Undecyn?rcode=YAG250 is 4 times better! Thorne reformulated it by adding undecylenic acid from SF722 (in a powdered form bound to calcium). Thorne says, “Calcium undecylenate (the calcium salt of the fatty acid undecylenic acid) has been shown to be four times more effective, milligram per milligram, than undecylenic acid and over 20 times more effective than the fatty acid caprylic acid, in supporting healthy vaginal and gastrointestinal flora.”

Thorne Research Formula SF722 Reviews
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Thorne Research Formula SF722 is a natural, candida supplement. See 26+ Thorne Research Formula SF722 Reviews, and buy it at:

Formula SF722: undecylenic acid – potent fatty acid support of healthy gut and vaginal flora*

• Thorne’s innovative approach for healthy gut flora*
• Six times more effective than caprylic acid
• Maintains healthy vaginal flora*
• One of our best selling products for over 20 years

Thorne Research Formula SF722 Benefits

Optimal gastrointestinal tract functioning is vital to the absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste, and proper immune function.* Many health-care practitioners consider gut function and especially good gut ecology – maintaining a healthy balance of gut flora, the microorganisms that normally live in the digestive tract – to be a key component to overall health.* Many situations can contribute to an imbalance in the microbial flora of the digestive tract, including an unhealthy diet, inadequate digestive enzymes, oral contraceptives, and the use of various prescription and OTC drugs. Increasing recognition is also being given in women’s health to the relationship between gut flora and vaginal flora; i.e., a healthy balance of gut flora has corresponding benefit to the vaginal flora.*

Fatty acids have been used for centuries to help maintain a healthy balance of the microorganisms that normally live in the gastrointestinal tract.* In the last 50 years, fatty acids have demonstrated effectiveness in supporting a healthy gut flora in a number of studies.*

Undecylenic acid (10-undecenoic acid) is an eleven-carbon, mono-unsaturated fatty acid occurring naturally in the body’s perspiration. While several fatty acids have beneficial effects on the flora that naturally inhabit the gastrointestinal tract, undecylenic acid is the most potent.*

A Thorne Research innovation, Formula SF722 contains undecylenic acid in a base of pure, extra-virgin olive oil. Formula SF722 aids in the establishment of healthy gut and vaginal flora and has been one of Thorne Research’s best-selling products for over two decades.*

Thorne Research Formula SF722 Ingredients

10-Undecenoic Acid 250 mg.

Other Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gelatin (from tilapia) and Glycerin (vegetable source) gelcap. Contains ingredient derived from fish (tilapia). (See manufacturer’s warnings at iHerb.)

Thorne Research Formula SF722 Side Effects

Formula SF722 is safe for most users. A search of “Formula SF722 side effects” and “Formula SF722 reviews” revealed no known side effects. To avoid possible side effects, start with a small dose, and gradually increase to the recommended dosage. Always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

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