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Thorne Research Iron Citrate Reviews
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Thorne Research Iron Citrate is a natural, iron supplement. See 9+ Thorne Research Iron Citrate Reviews, and buy it at:

Iron Citrate, a well-absorbed iron chelate*

• Non-constipating, well-absorbed form of iron*
• Essential mineral for red blood cell formation*
• Without preservatives, magnesium stearate, or other lubricants and diluents

Thorne Research Iron Citrate Benefits

Most of the body’s iron is found in hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying molecule in red blood cells. Smaller amounts are found in the tissues as myoglobin and as cofactors for many enzymes. Because of its central role in the hemoglobin molecule, iron is essential for formation of red blood cells.*

Supplementing with iron can increase the body’s production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body for the many processes that utilize energy.* In addition, the body’s production of citric acid is the first of many steps in the all-important Kreb’s cycle, the body’s internal energy-producing mechanism. Supplementing with citrate can increase the body’s supply of citric acid, thus enhancing the production of energy by the Kreb’s cycle.* For many people with low energy levels, Iron Citrate provides an ideal double benefit: supplementing with citrate and supplementing with iron, both of which enhance the body’s internal production and utilization of energy.*

To determine the iron status of persons in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control calculated the prevalence of iron deficiency and iron-deficient anemia from data collected from physical exams and household interviews within a sample of the U.S. civilian, non-institutionalized population. The prevalence of iron deficiency was greatest among toddlers, ages 1-2 years (7%), and menstruating adolescent and adult females, ages 12-49 (9-16%).

An iron deficiency can manifest as weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath on exertion, dizziness, tinnitus, spots before the eyes, drowsiness, irritability, infrequent menstruation, and loss of libido.*

Thorne Research Iron Citrate Ingredients

Iron (as Iron Citrate) 25 mg.

Other Ingredients: Aspartic Acid, Hypromellose (derived from cellulose) capsule, Leucine, Silicon Dioxide. (See manufacturer’s warnings at iHerb.)

Thorne Research Iron Citrate Side Effects

Iron Citrate is safe for most users. A search of “Iron Citrate side effects” and “Iron Citrate reviews” revealed no known side effects. To avoid side effects, start with a small dose, and gradually increase to the recommended dosage. Always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

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So see 9+ Thorne Research Iron Citrate Reviews, and buy it at:

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