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Beef Apple + Uncured Bacon Bar

Beef Habanero + Cherry Bar

Bison Bacon + Cranberry Bar

Bites Beef Steak with Cranberry & Sriracha

Bites Bison Meat Uncured Bacon Chia & Raisins

Bites Chicken Meat Currant & Sesame BBQ Seasoning

Bites Uncured Bacon Pork & Sea Salt

Chicken Sriracha Bar

Chicken Sesame + BBQ Seasoned Bars

Coconut Carnivore Wholesome Trail Mix

Honest Harvest Wholesome Trail Mix

Lamb Currant + Mint

Mountain Medley Wholesome Trail Mix

Pulled Pork Pineapple Bar

Turkey Almond + Cranberry Bars

Wholesome Trail Mix Berry Blossom

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