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iHerb Australia Shipping Free

Global Priority Mail by DHL
(DHL delivers to Australia Post who delivers to you.)
Orders Free0+ = Free.
Orders below Free0 = Free
Maximum order: $80 or 4 lbs (1814 g)
Average AU delivery time: 13 Days.
No tracking number available.
No refunds if order is lost.
Usually a reliable shipping option.
Usually no customs fees/taxes.
The #1 choice for iHerb Australia customers.

DHL Express- International $13.45
Average AU deliver time: 5 business days.
Orders $60+ = 95% discount from regular rates.
No P.O. box address.
Tracking number available.

UPS – International $11.99
Average AU deliver time: 5 business days.
No P.O. box address.
Tracking number available.

iHerb Australia Customs

Australia Customs Prohibited Products

Australia Customs prohibits 1920 products including…

• 7 Keto
• Banana
• Bee Pollen
• Camu Camu powder
• Cordyceps
• Dairy (milk)

• Egg White Protein
• Egg Yolks
• Hemp & Flax Bars
• Hemp Products
• Hemp Shakes
• Hoodia

• Melatonin
• Pregnenolone
• Whey Protein
• Xylitol
• Wormwood

Products That May Require an Import Permit
and/or Quarantine Inspection Fees (up to $50)

• Dried Beans
• Kava
• Lentils
• Rice
• Pet Supplements
• Powders
• Tea

If you have questions about the DHL Quarantine Processing Fee, contact DHL Express Customer Service at…

Phone: +61 7 3845 7850
Email: dhl.com.au/contact

See all prohibited products at: iherb.com/Prohibited-Australia. iHerb no longer ships free product samples to Australia because of Customs delays.

If Australia Customs confiscates any products, iHerb is not responsible to refund your money.

Therapeutic Goods Administration and Complementary Medicines Regulation

Australia Import Taxes

• Possible import taxes and/or customs duties especially when delivered by DHL or UPS.
• Possible brokerage (handling) fee especially when delivered DHL or UPS.
• These fees are in addition to your shipping fee.

If you have any questions, contact…

Australia Customs
Prohibited Products: customs.gov.au
Contact: customs.gov.au/contact

Australia Department of Health & Aging (drugs requiring import/export authorization):

Australia Quarantine and Inspection Service, Imports Conditions Search

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• Adelaide
• Alice Springs
• Australian Capitol Territory
• Brisbane
• Canberra
• Central Coast
• Darwin
• Gold Coast
• Hobart
• Melbourne
• New Castle
• New South Wales (NSW)
• Northern Territory
• Perth
• Queensland
• South Australia
• Sunshine Coast
• Sydney
• Tasmania
• Victoria
• Western Australia
• Wollongong
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