iHerb China Shipping and Coupon

If you’re an iHerb China customer, please order at the iHerb Chinese website: cn.iherb.com?rcode=YAG250. To avoid delays, type your order in simplified Chinese characters, not English. If you have any questions, get email answers in Chinese by email: China@iherb.com

And if you’re a new customer, save 10%on your first order with Promo Code: YAG250

iHerb China Shipping Free

$4 (order $0-$39.99)
Free (order Free0+)
Maximum orders $80 and 7 lbs (3175 g).
Insurance and tracking included.
Door to door delivery 10-15 business days.
For 1st order, submit ID, passport, email address & iHerb order # at: 11185id.com
(Account name must match receiver’s name, and email address must match order.)
For protection, you may watermark ID with “Only for Personal Products Custom Clearance use.”
For more information on watermarks, see iHerb’s Chinese website.
Track shipment at: ems.com.cn

Most iHerb China shipments arrive with no problems. But if you have a problem, contact iHerb: china@iherb.com for damaged or lost products.
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We recommend your order contains different products instead of multiple quantities of the same product. Do not use the same name and shipping address for more than 2 orders in the same day.

If your box arrives with products damaged or missing, accept the shipment. Then contact china@iherb.com immediately. Within 5 business days after delivery, file a damage/lost claim. Explain the damaged/lost products: Order #, tracking #, product name, product code, quantity, problem, 4+ photos, Poster’s Official Certificate (Post Office or EMS official Stamp needed), etc. If someone else signed for delivery, ask EMS/Post Office for the damage certificate.

iHerb will reship damaged or lost products only valued $20+. Products valued Free0 may be refunded. If only the product boxes are damaged, please do not file a damage claim since the products inside the boxes are not damaged.

Get iHerb China shipping for Free to ALL China provinces and cities including…

Anhui Province
Chongqing Municipality
Fujian Province
Gansu Province
Guangdong Province
Guangxi Province
Guizhou Province
Hainan Province
Hebei Province
Heilongjiang Province
Henan Province
Hubei Province
Hunan Province
Jiangsu Province
Jiangxi Province
Jilin Province
Liaoning Province
Municipality of Beijing
Nei Menggu Inner Mongolia
Ningxia Hui
Qinghai Province
Shaanxi Province
Shandong Province
Shanghai Municipality
Shanxi Province
Sichuan Province
Taiwan Province
Tianjin Municipality
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Xizang Tibet Autonomous Region
Yunnan Province
Zhejiang Province

Anshan Liaoning
Anyang Henan
Baoding Hebei
Baotou Inner Mongolia
Benxi Liaoning
Changchun Jilin
Changsha Hunan
Changzhou Jiangsu
Chengdu Sichuan
Dalian Liaoning
Dandong Liaoning
Daqing Heilongjiang
Datong Shanxi
Fushun Liaoning
Fuxin Liaoning
Fuzhou Fujian
Guangzhou Guangdong
Guiyang Guizhou
Handan Hebei
Hangzhou Zhejiang
Hefei Anhui
Hegang Heilongjiang
Hengyang Hunan
Huaibei Anhui
Huainan Anhui
Huangshi Hubei
Huhehaote Inner Mongolia
Jiamusi Heilongjiang
Jiaozuo Henan
Jilin Jilin
Jinan Shandong
Jinzhou Hubei
Jinzhou Liaoning
Jixi Heilongjiang
Kaifeng Henan
Kunming Yunnan
Lanzhou Gansu
Liaoyang Liaoning
Linyi Shandong


Liuzhou Guangxi
Luoyang Henan
Mudanjiang Heilongjiang
Nanchang Jiangxi
Nanjing Jiangsu
Nanning Guangxi
Ningbo Zhejiang
Pingdingshan Henan
Qingdao Shandong
Qiqihaer Heilongjiang
Qiqihaer Heilongjiang
Shantou Guangdong
Shenyang Liaoning
Shenzhen Guangdong
Shijiazhuang Hebei
Suzhou Jiangsu
Taian Shandong
Taiyuan Shanxi
Tangshan Hebei
Urumqi Xinjiang
Weifang Shandong
Wuhan Hubei
Wuxi Jiangsu
Xiamen Fujian
Xi’an Shaanxi
Xiangfan Hubei
Xiangtan Hunan
Xining Qinghai
Xinxiang Henan
Xuzhou Jiangsu
Yantai Shandong
Yinchun Heilongjiang
Zaozhuang Shandong
Zhangjiakou Hebei
Zhanjiang Guangdong
Zhenzhou Henan
Zhuzhou Hunan
Zibo Shandong

iHerb China Customs

China Customs or the shipping company may call to ask for your Social Security Number. If you have questions about prohibited or restricted products, contact customs.gov.cn or call 010-65194114.

iHerb is not responsible for products seized or delayed by China Customs. iHerb will not refund or credit products seized by Customs.

iHerb does not offer wholesale accounts.