iHerb Rewards-Promo Code Top 3 Myths

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Are you searching for the best iHerb Promo Code* for 2016? Here’s a dirty little secret: All codes are the exact same value: 10% off. So beware of some advertisers who try to scare you into using their codes at iHerb.

1. Myth: “Some iHerb promo codes are worth more than 10%”

Truth: All promo codes are the same: 10% off any size order. If and when iHerb changes the value, all existing codes will automatically update in their database.

iHerb’s only code is for new customers. No 10% off coupons. And no free shipping coupons (since they always offer free shipping in the U.S. without a coupon).

2. Myth: “Some iHerb promo codes are not valid, tested, verified, and working.”

Truth: All promo codes are valid and working. They don’t need fake testing or verification.

3. Myth: “Some iHerb promo codes have expired.”

Truth: No promo codes can expire since they have no expiration dates.

*4. Bonus: “Why do so many sites want me to use their code?”

iHerb issues promo codes to all their customers. Since iHerb knows the value of winning new customers, and they believe satisfied customers are their best salespeople, they give us a promo code to share with family, friends, and even strangers.

If you become a customer, you will receive an iHerb promo code. When new customers use your code, iHerb will reward you with credits for free products and even cash. See: iHerb Rewards and…

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