Madre Labs Midori Greens 285 Reviews & Coupon*

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Madre Labs Midori Greens Reviews
Bottle Size: 6.35 oz
Serving Size: 3 g
Reviews: 285+
Rating: 4.6
Shipping: Free, Intl. $1.10+

Midori Greens Powder Taste and Health Benefits

Reviewers say Midori Greens Powder: “Taste is like green tea, halfway decent, may not be as yummy as some but it’s not bad, like delicious wonderful tea, a little bitter, mild, relatively pleasant, a bit bland but goes well with juice, etc.” And reviewers say Midori Greens health benefits include: “Aerobic exercise pulse dropped 10 points, aches and pains are 75% less, regular bowel movements, morning energy, off sleep apnea meds, feel better, inflammation almost gone, increased energy and focus, better skin appearance, etc.”

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