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Thorne Research Berberine-500 Reviews
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Thorne Research Berberine-500 is a natural, immune supplement. See 3+ Thorne Research Berberine-500 Reviews, and buy it at:

Berberine-500 – a versatile botanical compound with wide application

• 500 mg Berberine HCl per capsule
• Higher amount for maintenance of healthy glucose metabolism*
• Supports healthy lipid levels*
• Provides cardiovascular support*Berberine-500®, berberine provides broad-spectrum immune and GI activity*

Thorne Research Berberine-500 Benefits

Berberine is an alkaloid that is present in a number of plants, including Berberis vulgaris (barberry), Berberis aristata (tree turmeric), Berberis aquifolium (Oregon grape), Hydrastis canadensis (goldenseal), and Coptis chinensis (goldthread). This important plant extract demonstrates important benefits for glucose metabolism, maintenance of healthy lipid levels, insulin sensitivity, cardiac support, weight management, gastrointestinal health, immune modulation, and cognitive support.*

Thorne Research Berberine-500 Ingredients

Berberine HCl (from Indian Barberry extract) (root) (Berberis aristata) 1 g
Berberis Concentrate Berberine HCl 85%.

Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (derived from cellulose) capsule, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, leucine.

Thorne Research Berberine-500 Side Effects

Barberry is safe for most users. A search of “Barberry side effects” and “Barberry reviews” revealed no known side effects. To avoid possible side effects, start with a small dose, and gradually increase to the recommended dosage. Always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

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So see 3+ Thorne Research Berberine-500 Reviews, and buy it at:

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