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Permanent Color Ash Blonde 8C

Permanent Color Dark Ash Blonde 6C

Permanent Color Earth Red 4RR

Permanent Color Extra Light Blonde 10XL

Permanent Color Fiery Red 5FR

Permanent Color Light Golden Brown 5D

Permanent Color Medium Ash Brown 4C

Permanent Color Medium Mahogany Brown 4M

Permanent Color Natural Black 1N

Permanent Color Natural Dark Blonde 6N

Permanent Color Natural Dark Brown 3N

Permanent Color Natural Darkest Brown 2N

Permanent Color Natural Light Blonde 8N

Permanent Color Natural Light Brown 5N

Permanent Color Natural Medium Blonde 7N

Permanent Color Natural Medium Brown 4N

Permanent Color Rich Chocolate Brown 4CH

Permanent Color Rich Copper Brown 5R

Permanent Color Very Light Golden Blonde 9D

Semi-Permanent Color Dark Brown 3DBR

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