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Blueberry Burst Nut Bar

Gotta Getta Gojiberry Nut Bar

Granola Bars Bring on the Blueberry

Granola Bars Cranberry Chia Crunch

Granola Bars Gojiberry Triple Yum-Yum

Granola Bars Sweet-n-Tart Goldenberry

Nut Bar Cranberry Crush Bar

Organic Cacao Almond Nut Butter Truffle

Two Moms in the Raw Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Two Moms in the Raw Gojiberry Granola
Nutrition: Serving 56 g, Calories 210, Fat 7 g, Carbs 34 g, Fiber 4 g, Sugar 18 g, Protein 6 g.
Ingredients: Organic oat groats*, organic agave, organic sunflower seeds, organic buckwheat, organic pumpkin seeds, organic gojiberries, organic millet, organic apples, organic sesame seeds, organic flax seeds, organic pecans, organic almonds, organic cinnamon, sea salt.
*Gluten free groats.
Allergen warning: Contains tree nuts. Certified organic by Natural Food Certifiers.

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