Vitamin Expiration Date Potency & Safety

Vitamin Potency Past the Expiration Date

Have you ever wondered if vitamins past the expiration dates are potent? A 1985-1992 FDA study of 100 prescription and non-prescription drugs found 90% were potent past the expiration dates. And vitamins probably age similar to pharmaceutical drugs.

The 4 Enemies to Vitamin Potency

1. Expiration Date: Check the date before buying (but most should remain potent past expiration).
2. Heat: Store in a cool place, not too warm.
3. Light: Light is blocked by dark black, brown, or blue bottles, not clear glass.
4. Moisture: Moisture is blocked by glass bottles, not plastic.

Vitamin Safety Past the Expiration Date

The study above also concluded 90% of pharmaceutical drugs are safe past their expiration dates. So most vitamins are likely also safe. This should include multivitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. (But email the manufacturer to be sure, especially for Vitamin E Oil.)

3 Ways to Preserve Vitamin Safety and Potency

1. Buy from vitamin manufacturers who publish their expiration dates.
2. Buy from online vitamin sellers who publish their manufacturers’ expiration dates (Example).
3. Buy from sellers who store vitamins in climate-controlled (air conditioned) warehouses (Example).

Some vitamin sellers even offer an extra discount on products near their expiration dates: Sale?rcode=YAG250.